About Me

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”

— Jonathan Swift


I started photography because I had ideas.

Then it took me 10 years to study, experiment, and master all the rules until they became a second nature. I felt I was able to shoot anything… But today I realize I’ve never been so far from shooting a good image.

The quest for perfection is a very unfair process, because each step you make to gain more comfort and security, takes away some of your fragility, which is the true architect of creativity. When I realized I lost the initial spark that brought me to photography, I entered the most difficult part of my learning process, but also the most rewarding : letting everything behind.

I learned how to embrace imperfection, chance and controlled mistakes, and use them to introduce more reality and power to my craft. Impeccable technique is never far of course, but it’s just a tool. It has no purpose and no intention, and thus only comes last to give life to the idea. Today, each of my works start with pure emotion as a base. I then add a strong storytelling but I never tell the whole story, so you have to put a part of yourself to get your own vision of the image. 

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